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HRJ’s team of experts are highly trained in practices such as tree felling, stump grinding, pruning, deadwooding and crown lifting. We are happy to advise you about the best way to keep your trees healthy and under control.

Tree Felling

Tree felling involves the careful and strategic removal of trees that pose a threat to their surroundings.

Whether it’s a tree that has become diseased, damaged by severe weather conditions, or is simply overgrown and encroaching on structures or power lines, our tree surgeons are equipped with the knowledge and tools to remove it safely and effectively.

We understand the importance of preserving the natural beauty of your landscape while removing hazardous trees. Our tree felling services are conducted with utmost care and respect for the environment. We take responsible measures to dispose of tree debris, promoting sustainability and cleanliness.

When you choose our tree felling services, you can trust that your property is in capable hands. Our skilled professionals are committed to delivering exceptional results, leaving your outdoor space safe, well-maintained, and aesthetically pleasing.

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Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is an essential practice that promotes tree vitality, structural integrity, and overall safety.

Our team of skilled and certified tree surgeons understands the intricacies of pruning techniques and applies them with precision. We carefully assess each tree, considering factors such as species, age, condition, and growth patterns, to develop a customised pruning plan.

Our pruning services encompass various techniques, including crown thinning, crown lifting, deadwood removal, and shaping.

At HRJ, we prioritise the health and well-being of your trees. By implementing proper pruning practices, we encourage strong growth, enhance aesthetics, and mitigate potential risks.

Our team utilises industry-leading tools and equipment to perform precise and careful pruning operations while ensuring minimal impact on the surrounding environment.


Deadwooding is a vital practice in tree care that involves the removal of dead, dying, or diseased branches from a tree.

Deadwooding is crucial for maintaining the overall vitality of your trees and minimising potential risks. Dead branches can become brittle, making them prone to breakage and falling, which poses a safety hazard to people and property.

By removing these lifeless branches, our skilled tree surgeons eliminate potential risks and enhance the structural integrity of your trees.

Our team is highly trained and experienced in identifying deadwood and employing the appropriate techniques for its safe removal. We assess each tree thoroughly, determining the extent of deadwood present and evaluating the overall health of the tree. Our tree surgeons utilise specialised tools and equipment to carefully remove dead branches while minimising any damage to the surrounding areas.

We strive to provide environmentally responsible deadwooding services, ensuring the health and longevity of your trees. Additionally, by eliminating deadwood, we promote healthy growth, enhance the appearance of your trees, and allow for increased sunlight penetration.

If you notice dead or dying branches on your trees, it’s essential to address the issue promptly. 

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Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is a technique in tree care that involves the selective removal of lower branches to increase clearance and create a more balanced canopy.

Crown lifting is particularly beneficial in areas where the lower branches of a tree obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic, hinder access to buildings, or interfere with visibility. Our skilled tree surgeons understand the importance of maintaining proper clearance while preserving the overall health and beauty of your trees.

With extensive knowledge and experience in arboriculture, our team carefully assesses each tree to develop a tailored crown lifting plan. We consider factors such as tree species, growth patterns, and the desired clearance height to determine the appropriate branches for removal.

By lifting the crown of a tree, we improve clearance for pathways, driveways, and buildings, enhancing safety and accessibility. This technique also allows for better light penetration to the lower areas of your landscape, promoting the growth of grass, plants, and other vegetation.

We prioritise the health and longevity of your trees. Our professional crown lifting services are executed with utmost care, minimising any potential damage to the tree or surrounding environment. With our expertise, you can trust that your trees will be pruned to perfection, striking the right balance between clearance and natural aesthetics.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a crucial in tree care that involves selectively reducing the size and overall density of a tree’s canopy.

Crown reduction is often necessary when a tree has grown too large for its surroundings, poses a risk to nearby structures or power lines, or requires maintenance to improve its aesthetic appeal. Our team of expert tree surgeons is skilled in the art of crown reduction and employs precise and careful techniques to achieve optimal results.

During a crown reduction, our tree surgeons carefully prune the outer portions of the tree’s canopy, removing specific branches to reduce its overall size. This process involves maintaining the natural shape and form of the tree while promoting balanced growth and structural integrity.

At our Tree Surgery company, we understand the importance of preserving the health and beauty of your trees. Our experienced professionals assess each tree individually, considering factors such as species, growth patterns, and the desired outcome to develop a customised crown reduction plan. We utilise state-of-the-art tools and equipment to ensure precise cuts and minimal stress to the tree.

By performing crown reduction, we address issues such as overgrowth, excessive shading, and potential risks, while maintaining the tree’s natural beauty and health. This technique also allows for increased light penetration, benefiting the surrounding vegetation and improving the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

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Crown Thinning

Crown thinning in tree care involves selectively removing specific branches to reduce the density of the tree’s canopy.

Crown thinning is particularly beneficial for trees that have become overly dense, obstructing sunlight and airflow. Our team of skilled tree surgeons understands the importance of proper crown thinning to enhance tree vitality and minimise potential risks.

During the crown thinning process, our tree surgeons carefully assess the tree and selectively remove branches to achieve the desired level of density. This technique involves the removal of weak, crossing, or overcrowded branches, allowing for increased light penetration and improved air circulation. Crown thinning promotes better nutrient distribution throughout the tree, reduces the risk of branch failure, and enhances the overall structure of the tree.

We prioritise the health and longevity of your trees. Our experienced professionals utilise their expertise to develop a customised crown thinning plan based on the specific needs of each tree. We employ industry-leading techniques and equipment to ensure precise cuts and minimal stress on the tree.

By performing crown thinning, we create a balanced and visually appealing tree canopy while maintaining the tree’s natural form and structural integrity. This technique not only benefits the tree but also promotes the growth of understory vegetation and improves the overall aesthetic value of your landscape.

Management of Hedges & Vegetation

Proper management of hedges and vegetation is essential for maintaining the desired shape, promoting healthy growth, and enhancing the overall appearance of your landscape.

We understand that hedges and vegetation can become overgrown, encroach on structures, or obstruct views if not properly maintained. That’s where our expertise comes in.

HRJ specialise in a range of services for hedge and vegetation management. We provide regular trimming and pruning to maintain the desired shape, control growth, and promote dense foliage. We also offer hedge planting and establishment services, helping you select the right species and ensuring proper spacing and placement.

Additionally, we offer vegetation clearance and management services to control unwanted growth, clear overgrown areas, and restore order to your landscape. Whether it’s clearing undergrowth, removing invasive species, or managing overgrown vegetation, our team has the knowledge and tools to tackle the job effectively and efficiently.

Our professionals prioritise your specific goals and preferences, ensuring that the management of hedges and vegetation aligns with the desired vision for your outdoor spaces.

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