16T road tow log splitter

16 Tonne Road Towable Log splitter for hire

HRJ Tree Services is Delighted to Announce That You Can Now Hire Our Self Contained 16 Tonne Sullivans Engineering Road Towable Log Splitter!

This hydraulic log splitter is powerful, safe, and easy to use and comes fully contained on a trailer. If you have a recently felled tree/trees hiring a log splitter can be a cost effective solution. We hire to private individuals and businesses such as woodland management companies.


Splitting Power 16 tonne
Weight 360kg
Petrol Engine Honda/ PD Pro
Hydraulic oil capacity 35ltr
Hydraulic pump Hi-Lo 11GPM
Fast tow Trailer Yes
Safety 2 Handed control levers
Hydraulic hoses Covered with anti-burst sleeving
Gauge Hydraulic oil level and temperature indicator
Cycle time 5.5 sec
Max splitting Height 440mm
Size L x W x H: 220 x 130 x 160cm
Colour Galvanized & Blue
Warranty 1 Year
Optional Extras
Auto return
Extra rear safety bar
Spare Wheel
16T road tow log splitter for hire

Why hire a log splitter?

Efficiency: A log splitter can save you time and energy by splitting logs much faster than you could by hand. This is especially helpful if you have a lot of logs to split or if you are splitting large logs.

Safety: A log splitter can help you avoid injuries by eliminating the need to use sharp tools. This is especially important if you are not experienced in splitting wood.

Consistency: A log splitter can help you split logs consistently, resulting in uniform pieces of wood that are easier to use. This is important if you are using the wood for firewood  for wood burners etc where consistent size and shape are important.

Cost-effectiveness: Using a log splitter to split your own logs can be a cost-effective way to get the firewood you need.

Convenience: A log splitter can make the process of splitting logs much more convenient. This is because you don’t have to lift or move heavy logs, and you don’t have to worry about sharp tools.

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